Investment Guides

Namibia is often described as Africa’s optimist –and with good reason. Not only does it enjoy one of the continent’s most pleasant, peaceful and politically stable environments, but also an infrastructure to rival many countries. If you are interested in setting up a business in Namibia or trading with our country, the guides below provide some guidelines.

This booklet explores how the choice of business entity may be important to you as a business person. This guide is designed to be your introduction to companies and close corporation registration procedures and requirements.

The mission of the division of the Registration of Companies and Close Corporation in the Ministry of Trade and Industry is to manage, regulate and facilitate the formation of business entities and to encourage investment through an appropriate legal framework and conducive environment that ensures the flourishing of businesses.

One of the most important decision to be taken by anyone, who wishes to launch a business enterprise, is the choice of business form. In modern-day Namibia there are various important business forms, namely sole proprietorship, partnerships, companies and close corporations.

It is not, however, a comprehensive text nor a substitution to the Companies Act and Close Corporation Act. Nor is it a substitute for the professional advice you may need from legal practitioners, auditors, accounting officers or secretarial firms to assist you in the registration of your business.

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Commenced 7 July 1992 and amended by Act No. 24, 1993, the Foreign Investment Amendment Act 1993 makes make provisions for the promotion of foreign investments in Namibia (Signed by the President on 19 December 1990)

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