A quick look at any map will tell you Namibia is blessed for many reasons. Add one more. Its gifts are spread equally throughout the entire country, each region alive with awe-inspiring wonders. To the south, Sossusvlei and Fish River Canyon.To the north, Etosha and the Kaokoveld. East and west too. You’ll most likely arrive and depart from Windhoek, perfectly situated in the center of the country. A home base from which to explore every corner of the country.

Cities & Towns

Great distances divide many Namibian towns and cities, and a large percentage of the population still lives rurally. But any visit to Namibia isn’t complete without strolling through the quaint cafe culture of Windhoek, visiting Namibia’s summer capital Swakopmund or straying off the beaten path to Ludertiz. In every case, Namibia’s wonderful diversity is on full display, as is the German colonial influence. The result is quite different from what many would expect. They are easily some of the finest destination cities in all of Africa.

Keetmanshoop (Capital of the South)

Keetmanshoop is the Capital of the //Kharas Region, a town named after Johann Keetman, a German industrialist and is situated 500km south of Windhoek.

Keetmanshoop is a town surrounded by natural and historical attractions. It is a transact point for mostly all travelers.

Natural attractions such as the unique

      • Quiver Tree Forests (13km north-east of Keetmanshoop)
      • Giants Playgrounds (18km north-east of Keetmanshoop)
      • Mesosaurus Fossil Site (42km north-east of Keetmanshoop)
      • Brukkaros Volcano (130 km before Keetmanshoop)
      • Fish River Canyon (180km south east of Keetmanshoop)
      • Ai – Ais Hotsprings (south east of Keetmanshoop
      • //Kharas Park (22km before Keetmanshoop)
      • Neckertal Dam (60 km from Keetmanshoop)

Historical Buildings & Sites such as the

      • Old Rhenish mission stone church
      • Old Post Office “Kaiferliches Poftamt”
      • Old Train Station
      • Eagles Monument
      • Karakul Statue (representing the region’s booming karakul farming)
      • Hendrik Tseib Statue (statue of the founder of Keetmanshoop)

Keetmanshoop with it’s tranquil and unique surroundings as well as it’s compelling beauty is an interesting destination for any tourist or visitor.

Exclusive Tours

Tours are done by a local tour guide Mr. Rhudy Basson@0811220047.

Township tours in Keetmanshoop

Quiver Tree Forest & Giant’s Playgrounds

Mesosaurus Fossil Site


Fish River Canyon

Mata Mata