On 23 April 2019, Ambassador Jerobeam Shaanika made a presentation to the National Defense College of the United Republic of Tanzania on Namibia’s Policy on International Relations and Cooperation, Defense and Security.

The delegation was composed of senior officials from Tanzania and senior military officers from Tanzania; Kenya; Egypt; Nigeria and Burundi. The presentation explained the structure of the government highlighting the role played by each of the three branches of government with regard to policy execution, legislation and interpretation.

Also highlighted were the source of International policy where it draws its mandate namely the provisions of article 96 of the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia. The International Relations policy priority as well as the guiding principles were also highlighted.

The historical context through which the International relations policy of Namibia originated and evolved was explained with clarity. In addition, both Namibia’s bilateral and multilateral policy as well commitments both regionally and internationally were clearly explained.

The delegation was also briefed on how Namibia enhances its image abroad in the pursuit of its national interests. Central to this is the quality of Foreign Service Offers who serve as the eyes and ears of the sending state in this case Namibia. After the presentation Ambassador Shaanika answered questions posed by members of the delegation.