“let me return to the fundamentals of Nation building. Our Vision is to build a strong and resilient Namibian House.A House where all citizens belong and no one feels left out, in the spirit of One Namibia One Nation.This is because inclusivity spells harmony, whereas exclusivity spells discord and conflict. Equally, Transparency and Accountability equals Trust. In this Namibian House we must learn to be tolerant and respectful of our diverse cultures and beliefs. I am deeply concerned about the increase in tribal and racist remarks. Namibia is large enough for all of us to reside together in harmony and unity. Before all else, we are first and foremost Namibian. It is now imperative, more than ever before, that all of us; black or white, male 23 or female, young, old or whatever tribal affiliation; let’s hold hands. This is a serious clarion call, to hold hands. It is difficult to build but easy to destroy. We have an obligation to safeguard and preserve the peace and unity that we enjoy.”

Dr. Hage G. Geingob
President of the Republic of Namibia